Hey Ladies (and fellas too),

Welcome to my insanely romantic world. If you haven't had a chance to peep my music, you'll soon hear that I'm coming into the world of rhyme from a whole new direction. I'm definitely feeling a lot of what's going down on the hip-hop scene, but let's keep it really real. There's a whole lot of real women out there (like you) who simply don't fall into the "bitch and ho category," and refuse to accept those titles, no matter how blazin' the track may be. Well now you have a choice!

As Gmann, a.k.a. "The Voice of Choice," I'm coming at you with the kind of vibes that a thug just can't deliver.

At last the world of hip-hop and rhyme has an artist that speaks to the ladies and for the fellas. Never before has an artist embraced the concept that romance has a place in the rap arena. Sure there have been artists who have done a song or two here and there that attempted to address the subject as best they could, but inevitably they revert back to the inclusion of downgrading slang in their reference to their female audience.

So come on in and see what kind of feelin' you get as you ride on the Gmann vibe. I'm telling you it's a whole new thing...just in time to blow your mind!

Love and happiness... Gmann (the Romantic)

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