Protect Yourself
Know and protect your rights

    As a creative preson it is important that you understand how and why to protect the rights to your creativity. Musicians, writers and all types of creators have a right, that is backed by US and international copyright laws, to the use, duplication, sale and distribution of our creations. Whether you create for self-expression, fun or with the hopes of someday making it big, we strongly advise you to copyright your works before presenting it in a publicly accessible forum, including this or any web site.
    As promoters of talent and creativity we will do our best to keep you informed on intellectual property issues and updates or revisions to copyrights and related laws.
    Below are links to the Library of Congress site where you can find information about copyrights, including how to choose and file the applicable forms for you to protect your creativity. You can also download the needed forms to print and fill out for filing.

For the basic filing of copyrights

All the information you need can be found at the Library of Congress site. If you have a question, refer to the contact info at the site. If you prefer talking to a lawyer, many states offer a "For the arts" legal assistance program with discounted or even free legal advice for the creativity community.

Here are the basic copyright links. We'll add more as we find good information.

US Copyright Office Home Page
US Copyright Forms
Copyright Basics